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May 17, 2016

Kevin "Bloody" Wilson is coming to Shepparton

Kevin ‘‘Bloody’’ Wilson will bring his Aussie humour to Shepparton’s Goulburn Valley Hotel for his only Victorian stop on his Second Final Farewell Tour next Saturday, May 28.

‘‘I’ve been doing what I love for 32 years, and it’s given me the opportunity to travel around Australia and the world,’’ Mr Wilson said.

‘‘But I haven’t stopped yet, I’m on only the second farewell tour now, my plan is to then have the comeback specials and out ‘Farnham’ John Farnham,’’ he said laughing.

Mr Wilson said he had played in Shepparton many times and he knew the audience would become his backing choir for classic tracks such as Living Next Door to Alan and Santa Claus.

‘‘It’s another choir practice,’’ he said laughing.

The comedian said, when comparing city shows to the bush, he loved playing regional shows because the sense of humour of people in the country typified what he did.

‘‘I started in the bush and I’m comfortable there, every now and then I head back to bush to recharge my batteries after a tour,’’ he said.

Mr Wilson’s road to comedy began in his hometown of Kalgoorlie, playing in a pub cover band.

‘‘We started rewriting the lyrics of top-20 songs for a bit of a laugh but eventually we found that people were coming to show to listen to the songs we butchered,’’ he said laughing.

‘‘From there my mates nudged me into doing comedy and two years later I was performing in London.

‘‘At the time I was saying, ‘How did I get here?’’’

Mr Wilson said Robin Williams, Billy Connolly and Peter Dee were among comedians who had influenced him.

‘‘Peter is one of the funniest unknown comics in the world and was a mentor to me,’’ he said.

The Shepparton audience will be lucky enough to have a first listen to some songs from Mr Wilson’s new album on Saturday.

‘‘I have my core songs of course, but I’m keen to road test my new album.

‘‘I’ve got 18 albums now, so before a show I have to decide what to leave out of the show,’’ he said.

‘‘I’d hate to go out there and do the same songs and same jokes.

‘‘It needs to be fresh, I’m not an actor I’m not saying anyone else’s words.’’

Wilson said had never worried about people being offended by his comedy and he had the mantra of not caring as anyone who had been to his shows would know.

‘‘They know what they’re in for,’’ he said.

Tickets available from gvhotel.com

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