St Brendan's Debutante Ball

April 06, 2017

The St Brendan's Debutante Ball was held at the Sherbourne Terrace on Friday night. 

It was a night of glitz and glamour for the students who had a ball being presented in front of their families and close friends. 

Steph Dearnaley, Ava McConkey and Kaitlin Bonner.Stephanie Christopher, Magan Laws, Sammi Magnusson, Jemima Nash, Olivia Marshall and Amelia Rando.Nicole Prater, Sophie Emmett, Phoebe Enders and Cate Sweeney.The boys pose for the camera.Fifteen debutantes and their partners took part in the St Brendan’s Debutante Ball.The boys scrub up well.Anthony Sgammotta, Stephanie Christopher, Monique Pozzobon and Ryger Luksch.Amelia Rando and Zac Talbot.Marc Carroll and Steph Dearnaley.Cate Sweeney and Megan Laws.

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