Bendigo cattle sale

By Country News

Tuesday, October 11

Cattle numbers increased, with 346 coming forward in cold, wintry conditions. All the usual buyers and restockers were present and active.

The condition of the cattle was once again good and prices were very good, however, the top vealers were up to 10¢ cheaper than the previous week.

A quality-sized yarding of veal and young cattle came forward; the top vealer reached $4.05/kg, 10¢ cheaper than last sale.

Heavy steers were in good supply but prices were down on the previous market by as much as 10¢, with the top steer reaching $3.75/kg.

Medium to heavy steers were in better supply as well; the top steer reached $3.82/kg.

A quality yarding of cows came forward with the top cow reaching $2.69, holding fully firm.

Quotes: Steers heavy +500kg sold to $3.82, steers med/heavy 420-490kg to $3.75; steer veal heavy +400kg to $4.05, steer veal medium 320-390kg to $4.05; heifer veal 420-490kg to $3.97, heifer veal 320-390kg to $3.98; beef cows to $2.69.