Nerdmania definite winner

July 24, 2017

An even bigger, more diverse and more successful Nerdmania came and went at the Shepparton Showgrounds on Saturday.

An even bigger, more diverse and more successful Nerdmania came and went at the Shepparton Showgrounds on Saturday.

And it is taking shape as a drawcard for the region worthy of dollars to promote and sell.

Organisers from Word and Mouth, and manager Jim Gow, deserve a pat on the back for their efforts in putting on what was from all reports a marvellous event.

But, also evidently a sleeping giant with perhaps even greater, fairly unknown potential.

Nerdmania marks a shining example of thinking outside of the box in a search for the sort of options the region was previously lacking.

Finding a gap in the market and addressing it.

What started as an uncertain prospect has become a no brainer.

It is difficult to know whether there was a concerted interest in such an event before the first Nerdmania, but about the time it was announced, Mr Gow said the resounding question he had heard in reaction to the news was, ‘‘Why hasn’t this happened sooner?’’

In its first year, clubs from well outside the region were making the drive to take part.

It is difficult to know which other businesses or sectors in Shepparton are benefiting, and more to the point, whether they are fully capitalising on this potential surge in people.

Hopefully as more editions come and go, this will be better known.

But for now, the event marks a great success from taking a chance on something previously unprecedented in Shepparton, let alone across much of regional Victoria.

Mr Gow knew early on Word and Mouth was onto something and supported it becoming a regular entry of the organisation’s calendar almost immediately, by effectively downsizing a winning formula elsewhere and offering a taste of massive pop culture expos such as Comic-Con and Supernova for locals.

It also presents a valuable example of the benefits of diversifying the region’s tourism economy.

If supported, who knows what sort of drawcard it could turn into.

For now, three years in, it has so far mapped out an impressive forward trajectory.

Those responsible for Nerdmania should be commended for their work and encouraged to continue building what is shaping up to be a quality additional to a growing events calendar for the city.

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