Not a joke, it’s a dream job

August 02, 2017

Briggs is thrilled to have worked with his hero. Picture: AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Funnyman and AB Original rapper Adam Briggs does not know if he is the butt of a joke, but he is still waiting for the punchline after his Twitter feed helped land his dream TV job working with the creators of The Simpsons.

Briggs raps and writes with the award-winning group AB Original, but has also written for, and starred in, ABC TV shows including Black Comedy and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

And, as news spread that the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening, had a new show in the works, Briggs could finally reveal he was one of the writers working on it.

‘‘I had to keep this under wraps for about a year, but I’m just happy I can tell people now,’’ Briggs said.

Disenchantment is billed as an adult medieval fantasy drama, which follows a hard-drinking princess (voiced by Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson) during her adventures with an elf sidekick in a world full of demons, ogres, trolls and human fools.

But none of that goes to explain how an indigenous Australian rapper/TV writer came to be involved.

Briggs reveals he has Twitter to thank for the whole thing.

‘‘It’s pretty bananas,’’ he said.

As the story unfolds, Simpsons writer Josh Weinstein, a long-time hero of Briggs’, liked his music and actually made the first move by following him on Twitter.

The rapper said to this day he is still not really sure if this is real — or all just a prank being played on him by his friends.

‘‘I thought this was all a big massive ruse, I’m still convinced it’s a ruse that I’m being catfished by many of my friends,’’ he said.

Briggs started up a conversation with his hero, a man whose name he knew from the commentary on The Simpsons DVDs.

‘‘We got to talking and I was working on Black Comedy maybe around the same time, or a little bit before, and I showed him my writing,’’ he said.

‘‘He’s a fan of my music and he mentioned they were developing a show and that he had an episode for me.’’

Briggs was not going to miss this opportunity, so he met with Weinstein while in LA working on AB Original music.

About a year later, he was in the writers’ room in Malibu, California, listening to Groening regale a room full of top TV writers with anecdotes from his childhood.

‘‘It’s bananas, I was sitting at a table in Malibu just pitching jokes with my heroes,’’ he said.

‘‘It was like the NBA of comedy. You’ve never seen so many brains and stories and ideas. It was so forensic too.

‘‘Matt focused on story and all the comedy has to come from the story, which is why his shows are so good because it’s all human.’’

He describes Groening as ‘‘super friendly’’ and felt inspired when he saw the TV legend still carrying around a notepad to capture his ideas.

Briggs wrote one episode for the Netflix series and, as a Simpsons fan, reckons he has been training his whole life for this one gig.

‘‘To have this one writing gig on Disenchantment is heaps,’’ he said.

‘‘If that’s a far as I get, that’s cool. I can’t fault that, but hopefully my episode is super funny and they ask me to write another and everybody likes it and I can keep writing and making people laugh.’’

Disenchantment will air on Netflix in 2018.


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