Cute babies

August 22, 2017

Michelle Winters showed off the newest addition to her household. Bernard is five-months-old.

Maz Bourke shows off her eight new bunnies.

Nora was recently welcomed into Ryan Evans' family. This adorable pup is a Japanese Spitz.

Jaclyn Threlfall shows off Louie.

Stephanie Richards sent in this shot of her new guineea pig pal, Mavis.

Ellen Grieve sent this adorable shot of her daughter Scartlett, 4, with their new nine-week-old puppy Darcy.

Kimberley Moylan sent us this adorable pic of her pup Maisy Moo at eight-weeks-old.

Baby Charlie hanging out with a baby calf.

Sarah Featherby sent us this shot of her son, Mackye playing with their new English Staffy, Koda.

Khya loves playing with his best mate Billy, an Indian ringneck.

Jolie West sent us this shot of Mindy, who recently joined her family.

Stuart Divers sent in this adorable shot of Cookie at five-weeks-old.

Emily Hitchcock sent in this great shot of Dakota and cockatiel Billy.

Pic2- Celeste Holden sent us this photo of her daughter Claire, 6, holding her baby Guinea Pig Patchy.

We recently asked our online audience to relive the times when their pets were babies, or any new additions to their families.

We received so many adorable pictures that we wanted to share with the community.

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