Tune up, you cans-do it

March 09, 2018

Graeme Leak is encouraging everyone to join the Girgarre Junkestra.

: Junkestra is on today and this weekend.

Anyone looking to try their hand at being in an orchestra is encouraged to head to Girgarre and become part of Junkestra.

The group, led by Graeme Leak, will be playing instruments that are either made out of junk or instruments from the rubbish pile that have been repurposed.

And it’ll be a busy five weeks for participants, as Mr Leak is hoping to have the group performing at the official opening of the Girgarre Soundshell on April 14.

Mr Leak said the purpose of the orchestra was to show how accessible music was to everyone — and to showcase local talent.

‘‘It’s about giving the experience to people who didn’t think they’d be able to play,’’ he said.

‘‘Music isn’t that mysterious or difficult and I think the way we teach it gives a lot of people the impression it’s something which is out of reach, but it’s not.

‘‘We want locals to be the stars on the night, we’re not paying anyone from out of town to come and perform.

‘‘It’ll be surprising, interesting and hilarious but also beautiful.’’

Junkestra features a range of instruments, from single-stringed cellos to paint tins, jerry cans and farm drums used for their acoustics.

And Mr Leak wants everyone to get involved.

‘‘We have a weekly lesson, which I teach during different times of the week,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve noticed something about the community spirit of Girgarre, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

‘‘At one rehearsal we had nine people and only two were local, others were from Echuca, Bendigo, Kyabram and surrounding areas.’’

For anyone looking to get involved, Mr Leak said they should come along to a rehearsal for a look.

He said those attending didn’t have to play, however by the end, they might want to.

‘‘We have people who have never even attempted an instrument playing as well as people who are accomplished musicians,’’ he said.

‘‘All week it’s the same lesson — people only need to attend one but some people have been coming along to more just to get practice in.

‘‘But if you’ve missed a week, don’t stress because you can easily catch up.’’

The feedback to date has been nothing but positive for Mr Leak and he’s confident anyone can be concert-ready in the next five weeks.

For more information and rehearsal times, visit graemeleak.com or head along to a rehearsal at the Girgarre Hall today at 1pm or 11am Saturday and Sunday.

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