Indulging in a good fright

May 07, 2018

Marwa Ahmed, 17 scared people from inside a cage.

Clive Wilson, Michele Davies and Tatiana Ramsay, 16 enjoyed a scare from the walk through and Awathim Haroum.

Marwa Ahmed, 17 scared people from inside a cage.

Awathim Haroum scared people as they came to the end of the event.

Madison Mastin-Lundbery, 14 with a 'head injury' after falling from a tightrope.

Tallulah McCosh, 15 predicting the future.

Jude Eaton scared passersby.

It was a night of fright for many brave enough to attend Word and Mouth’s Carnevil event during the weekend.

Almost 400 people attended the circus-themed horror experience at Shepparton Showgrounds.

Featuring more blood, gore and horror than previous years, Word and Mouth project manager Jim Gow was ecstatic with the turnout and the quality of the attraction.

‘‘Carnevil is a great event, even though horror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea,’’ Mr Gow said.

‘‘It’s the sort of event where we celebrate screams and if we hear a lot, we know we’ve done a good job.’’

Thrillseekers entered the multi-purpose pavilion and watched a short horror film before the taking on the walk through.

Possessed puppets and crazy clowns were scattered around the dark maze, jumping out at those walking by.

The characters were covered in blood, as were the maze walls.

The event is organised by Word and Mouth and funded by Greater Shepparton City Council, with funds raised returned to the committee for future events.

‘‘It’s a weird experience but uniquely bonding for our youth committee members,’’ Mr Gow said.

‘‘They all have their roles at the event and everyone has shown a lot of leadership and responsibility.’’

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