Lighting the way to Girgarre

June 06, 2018

Sound and light magician Robin Fox will create an eye-catching show in Girgarre. Picture: Liz Arcus

The Girgarre Memorial Hall will be lit up with lights.

Lasers will take over Girgarre, producing a maelstrom of sound and light as part of its Small Town Transformations project.

The Great Girgarre Constellation light show is one of the final Girgarre Revival: The Sound of Our Spirit Rising projects and features sound and light magician Robin Fox.

In the past two years, the Revival has seen a dusty paddock turned into a stunning performance venue — Gargarro Soundshell.

Local quilters have stretched their skills to create a series of breathtaking fabric installations and town heirlooms featured in the local hall.

And a group of non-musicians will create and play instruments made out of junk under the guidance of one of the world’s leading composers and conductors, Graeme Leak, to form a new community orchestra — the Girgarre Junkestra.

Fresh from his recent artist-in-residency in Girgarre, as well as a tour to Azerbaijan, Mr Fox said it was a privilege to present The Great Girgarre Constellation and have two major works happening simultaneously side-by-side in the small town.

‘‘I am basically taking over the town with a laser spectacular,’’ he said.

Tracing the interior architecture, the work inside the hall will create a constellation of intersecting and moving light beams in the air which will flicker, morph and dance simultaneously to an electronic score while audiences can traverse through an entirely different universe.

Running concurrently outside on the site of the future Gargarro gardens, Mr Fox will also install a magical high-powered laser across the area and into the night sky to present White Beam Girgarre, the town’s own version of White Beam, which was commissioned and featured in the inaugural Dark Mofo festival in Hobart.

Girgarre Revival Committee and Girgarre Development Group chair Jan Smith said they were incredibly fortunate to have such talented and generous artists willing to join in the town’s transformation.

‘‘We always pride ourselves on being a can-do community, but Girgarre Revival: The Sound of Our Spirit Rising has enabled all of us to dream big and achieve outcomes we never thought possible,’’ she said.

The event is on Saturday, June 16, from 6pm to 10pm at Girgarre Memorial Hall. Tickets cost $10 or $20 for families. On-site camping is available for $15 (including breakfast), with children free.

Catering is available for $55 for adults and $25 for children under 12 for the Ye Old Winter Feast. Additional catering will be available, including a barbecue, coffee van and refreshments with all funds going towards the Girgarre development groups for ongoing artistic programming.

For information and to book, visit the website at


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