Waaia moving to the ranks of Cricket Shepparton

By Tyler Maher

Waaia has received the final affirmation it needed to pave the way for the club’s move to the ranks of Cricket Shepparton.

The Bombers had to work their way through a Northern Rivers Cricket appeals process in order to get the final tick of approval to join Cricket Shepparton after the Murray Valley Cricket Association had moved to block the club’s exit.

Waaia secretary David Booth was pleased his club could focus firmly on what it needs to do to remain strong as it steps into a new era after more than a month had passed in between Cricket Shepparton’s affirmative vote and the club receiving confirmation of the move on Monday night.

‘‘It is good (that it is sorted now),’’ Booth said.

‘‘Respectfully, it has been a protracted process.

‘‘It was not something that we took lightly as a club and we respect that Murray Valley did not take it lightly either, so we understand the process.

‘‘But we walk away now shaking hands after having enjoyed our time with Murray Valley.’’

The Bombers will likely bring an A, B and either D or E-grade senior team to its new organisation, as well as possible junior sides.

‘‘We have been a successful club for a number of years now,’’ Booth said.

‘‘Now we need to understand how to do that in Cricket Shepparton, because we understand things will be different.

‘‘But we’re really happy, our committee were given the news (Monday) night and they’re really happy as well and they’ve obviously been supportive throughout the process.

‘‘We look forward to playing in our new competition against new teams and new clubs, because that’s what we’re really excited about.’’

Nagambie, which was also voted into Cricket Shepparton’s ranks at May’s annual general meeting, did not need to go through an appeals process as the Seymour District Cricket Association did not move to stand in its way.