Gamers unplug and interact

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Gamers travelled from across the state to take part in Shepparton’s board game convention, ShepparCon.

Hosted during three days at the GV Hotel, the event is in its second year and is organised by the Goulburn Valley Gamers Guild in partnership with Greater Shepparton City Council and gaming centre, Guf Shepparton.

Hoping to sustain last year’s attendance of 90, organiser and GV Gamers Guild committee member Nathan Gibbs said the numbers were already more than 100 by Saturday afternoon.

‘‘It’s been really busy at all times, with a lot of families coming along during the day and younger people later at night,’’ Mr Gibbs said.

More than 100 games were brought in for the event, giving people the opportunity to practice their skills and learn something new.

‘‘We have all sorts of games, some that will last five minutes and others that will last all day,’’ Mr Gibbs said.

Mr Gibbs also said ShepparCon encouraged people to be social and ‘‘unplug’’.

‘‘It’s a great way to meet new people and interact with others in person,’’ he said.

The GV Gamers Guild has confirmed ShepparCon will be organised again next year.