36 Degrees South to sing praises of its new home

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Local choir 36 Degrees South is hosting a housewarming concert at Shepparton’s new home of community music, Chapel on Maude.

This is the first concert the group will perform at its new home since moving from Shepparton High School.

Named after the latitude of Shepparton, 36 Degrees South consists of about 30 members, who will come together to perform a range of hits from Happy by Pharrell Williams to Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

The group will also be performing Snow, a song composed by 36 Degrees South director Wade Gregory.

‘‘We’ll be performing 12 songs with a mix of songs from over the years plus some new ones,’’ Mr Gregory said.

36 Degrees South shares Chapel on Maude with Shepparton Brass and Wind and the GV Concert Orchestra and hopes to showcase the venue as a music and arts hub for the future.

‘‘We want to do more concerts and make it a hub where people can come along and listen to some good music,’’ Mr Gregory said.

Funds raised from the concert will help the group further develop its vision and showcase the potential of the space.

Members of 36 Degrees South are also encouraging anyone interested in joining a ‘talkative bunch’ of people, who enjoy singing without any pressure to get in touch at 36degreessouth@ gmail.com to express their interest.

‘‘We’re always welcoming new members,’’ Mr Gregory said.

36 Degrees South’s house-warming concert is on Sunday, March 3, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm at Chapel on Maude, 160 Maude St, Shepparton. Tickets are available at the door for $5.