Quickstep a pleasure to watch

By Shepparton News

Amanda Garner, instructor at Excell Dance Centre and 2006 Dancing With The Stars winner, shares her thoughts on Monday’s episode.

Wow. What a performance from Courtney Act and partner Joshua Keefe.

Their Fred and Ginger-inspired quickstep was such a pleasure to watch.

Courtney had impeccable timing, frame and technique and succeeded in giving us a taste of what partner dancing used to be.

Watching stars such as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire dance on the big screen encouraged many people to make dance a part of their everyday life.

Jett Kenny and partner Lily’s jive was such a pleasant surprise.

Jett had great jive bounce and I agree with judge Sharna regarding his jive kick action being the best of the season thus far.

Jive kicks need to be sharp and directed downwards.

The other celebrities, like most beginners, tend to kick from the hip, instead of correctly kicking from the knee.

My only objection with Jett’s performance was regarding costuming — wearing sneakers instead of dance shoes.

The reason ballroom dancers wear shoes with a cuban heel is to help them stay forward towards the balls of their feet, which is imperative for jive.

That aside, Jett did a fantastic job.

It was a huge shock to see Olympia Valance and Jarryd eliminated this week.

Olympia has been one of the most naturally gifted dancers on the show and showed huge improvement.

She was definitely not eliminated based on dance ability and it goes to show that regardless of the judges’ scores no celebrity is safe.