Shepparton Art Museum getting set to launch Deep Revolt exhibition

By Liz Mellino

The interactive installations of Melbourne-based, English-born artist Arlo Mountford will be launched at the Shepparton Art Museum next week.

Deep Revolt will be exhibited for two months, showcasing a number of large-scale installations comprising sound, video, animation, drawings and sculpture.

The Shepparton showcase of the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery exhibition toured by Museums and Galleries NSW is the only viewing in Victoria, which SAM curator Lara Merrington said was an exciting addition for the town.

‘‘We’re very lucky to have this show. We’ve exhibited Arlo’s work before about 10 years ago but this is a first big showing of a retrospective practice,’’ she said.

‘‘He’s quite a young artist so it’s unusual you’d see a large major solo show which looks back on a body of his work ... I think we’ll have audiences in Shepparton engaged with the exhibition on a whole lot of different levels.’’

Ms Merrington said Deep Revolt challenged the ideas of time, history and our contemporary norms across a 15-year span of Mr Mountford’s work.

His animated films are handdrawn with a mouse directly into a computer, enabling him to reimagine both real and created spaces from the art world.

While time and history are common themes, Mr Mountford said his work followed the idea of making art through negotiating its history and informing contemporary practice.

‘‘I see the works as a Where’s Wally picture, there’s correlations and juxtapositions that I’m not even aware of and so when someone else see the works hopefully they draw their own conclusions from them,’’ Mr Mountford said.

SAM has included two additional works in the exhibition, The Folly, 2009, and Clock, 2016.

The Folly reimagines three paintings by renaissance master Pieter Bruegel that are stitched together into one long panel, while The Clock addresses Mr Mountford’s interest in time through referencing the ready-made objects and handmade aesthetic.

SAM director Dr Rebecca Coates said she hoped the exhibition would engage with a broad local audience who appreciated the hand-made DIY aesthetic of a more simple life.

‘‘Time and history are common themes, Arlo’s work is complex and contains varying dimensions of joy, humour, history and horror, making it hugely engaging for a wide audience,’’ she said.

‘‘The exhibition will appeal to a generation where making videos, memes and text clips for social media is now second nature to communicate and comment on the world.’’

Deep Revolt will be launched at SAM on Wednesday, April 17, from 6pm to 8pm. An artist talk will be on prior to the launch from 5pm to 6pm. RSVPs are essential via 58329861. Deep Revolt will be exhibited at SAM from April 18 to June 10.