DWTS semi-finalists polish skills

By Shepparton News

Excell Dance Centre instructor and 2006 Dancing With the Stars winner Amanda Garner shares her thoughts.

Samuel Johnson and partner Jorja did a fantastic quickstep this week.

Their 1920s style routine was so entertaining.

Samuel suited the role perfectly, while also dancing the quickstep with lightness and bounce, which is exactly what is needed in this dance.

Once again Courtney Act and partner Josh danced beautifully in a jazz-styled routine.

Even though Courtney admitted to being injured she still managed to complete each movement to its fullest and put in 100 per cent.

Courtney has shown maximum commitment in every one of her performances, a sign of a born entertainer.

I always have mixed feelings when it comes to Constance Hall and her partner Gustavo.

I do feel she has improved since the start of the competition, however, I don’t think she is up to the standard of the other competitors.

That being said, I think she did a fabulous job with her trio tango routine, showing class, passion and confidence.

For me, Jett Kenny and partner Lilly are the ones I would like to see in the final.

I have been so impressed with Jett’s improvement each week.

I always find it is hardest for the taller celebrities to adapt stylistically and their movements may sometimes appear awkward.

Jett has managed to combat this and embraces each style he is dancing.

Due to Jimmy Reese’s sad exit from the competition no-one was eliminated this week, which makes Monday’s outcome all the more interesting.